“Bones, are you here to buy me an engagement ring?” Booth asks Brennan as they walk into a jewelry store in the exclusive clip below.

Before you get yourself all worked up, her answer is no. And even though we hope that changes one day, it’s not today. Booth and Brennan actually find themselves in a ring shop because of the case they’re investigating in next week’s episode of Bones, titled “The Blood From the Stones.”

According to a description for the hour, which airs March 25 on Fox, the gang finds themselves working a case of a dead undercover police officer, who is found with bag of diamonds inside his mutilated body. That leads B&B to the aforementioned diamond store — and then to a pretty awkward exchange in which Bones’s views on marriage are put on display for the shop keeper. (Note: Booth seems to be enjoying watching her squirm.)

Click below to watch it all go down:

Bones airs Mondays 8/7c on Fox.