By Lindsey Bahr
March 20, 2013 at 08:54 PM EDT
Chris Raphael

Detective Max Lewinsky (James McAvoy) has been trying to nab elite criminal Jacob Sternwood (Mark Strong) his entire career. And in Welcome to the Punch (in US theaters March 27) he finally gets his shot: Sternwood comes out of hiding when his son is hospitalized. Your move, Lewinsky.

But of course, things aren’t always what they seem. In the stylish new trailer for Eran Creevy’s (Shifty) thriller, already out in the U.K., James McAvoy and his beard stumble onto a dangerous conspiracy. A man in a suit whispers “I think Max is about to figure out what is going on.” The whole film seems to be tinted blue, giving it a sleek, futuristic vibe that’s only amplified by the moody song playing in the background, the stark one shots, and the closeups of furrowed brows.

Is it Creevy’s music video background shining through or just good trailer editing? Hard to say, but with the promise of car chases, masked machine gunners, Dark Knight-worthy overhead shots of London, and almost kisses between James McAvoy and Andrea Risebourough, what’s not to like? Check out the trailer below.

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