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Castle | Monday, 10-11 p.m., ABC The ''I love you'' uttered by Castle (Nathan Fillion) to Beckett (Stana Katic) ?as she lay injured from a gunshot in…
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Happy Hump Day, readers.

Sorry I don’t have much time to chat; I’m working on a super secret project that I have to keep super secret just a little while longer before sharing it with you. But definitely keep an eye on my Twitter account for some upcoming exciting news.

In the meantime, enjoy this week’s scoopfest, join me in shrieking with joy about this week’s cover, and please continue sending in your great questions to


When Erin first came on the scene at the Office, I was convinced they were setting her up to be Mrs. Andy Bernard. But their romance has certainly unfolded differently than I expected, especially in the last few weeks, as we saw Erin break it off with Andy so she could be with Pete.

But will the two find their way back to each other before the end of the season?

“There are a lot of big changes in both their lives; I’ll say that,” says executive producer Greg Daniels, who I caught up with at the show’s wrap party this past weekend. “To really understand their relationship, you probably should watch it [unfold in the next episodes].”

Jake Lacey, meanwhile, spilled a few beans that he maybe should haven’t. So to ensure I don’t ruin anything, I’ll blank out a name when he explains how everything unfolds: “[SPOILER] finds love in a different way, I suppose. He’s certainly not left out in the cold,” he told me. “He’s not put on a boat and shoved out in the ocean.”

You’ll find out the answer to that puzzle during the May 16 finale, and if we’re lucky, we could be in for a super-sized episode. As Daniels told me earlier this weekend, the finale is shaping up to be a little longer than expected, and as a result, he’s “been begging NBC to get more time so we could include the endings of everybody’s stories.”

Overall, while he won’t say much about the characters’ endings, Daniels says, “I think they make sense based on who the people are.”


Yesterday, I shared with you an exclusive sneak peek of Castle’s Rear Window-esque 100th episode, which finds Castle laid up (and very antsy) after a skiing accident leaves him nursing a broken leg. But while Nathan Fillion sang praises for the episode (“The fact that it’s our 100th episode makes it great”), he said fans should also be looking forward to an episode I previously told you about that deals with Det. Ryan’s shady days in narcotics.

“I know the fans are going to be very happy with it,” he says. “ We figure, ‘Oh, we know this guy; we love this guy,’ and then we — as a cast of characters — find out something about him that we don’t know and he has to go back into this world that he was in for this one episode. We really get to see him in a very different light.”

Fillion said the “rewarding” episode was a great chance to shine a light on Det. Ryan. “I love it when — and this happens in life — you figure you know somebody super well and they tell you something like, ‘Oh, I went to prison once.’ ‘WHAT!?!” he jokes. “It may not change your opinion of somebody but you certainly see them in a different light.”


Do you know when we’re going to see the showdown between Neville and his son on Revolution? — Terri

In the first episode back! “There is this sort of unforgivable schism between father and son. And from that point on, their paths diverge,” says executive producer Eric Kripke. “Jason makes some radical changes and Neville is left to deal with them.” It’s so bad, says Kripke, that it “sets them on different paths for really most of the season.”

I’m so excited for the return of Revolution. Anything new you can share about the return? — Anne

In this second half, don’t expect the heroes to be traveling in one big happy bunch. According to Kripke, there’s a split-up coming. “I don’t want to say who goes where, but in our classic Lord of the Rings-way, different epic quests end up evolving and our little fellowship ends up having to split up and head off into different directions in the most emotional and fraught way possible to accomplish their goals,” he says. These quests will take them into the two new lands that have been teased — Georgia Federation and Plains Nation.

I’m going to marathon Revolution this weekend to prepare for the return. I’m hoping the lights don’t go out because I need this refresher course. Anything juicy to share to help me get through my quest? — Melissa

“If the first half of the season was to find Danny, the second half of the season, this war really begins,” teases Kripke. “It’s about this rag-tag group of rebels up against the evil empire — it’s as fun as that. It’s the good guys versus the bad guys and overwhelming battles and love and romance and loyalty.”


That Game of Thrones cover went up on my wall IMMEDIATELY. THANK YOU, EW. Now, Sandra, the challenge to you is can you find any more scoop to share? — Rick

Following the reveal of my colleague James Hibberd’s cover story, EW has given you more than your fair share, Rick. (See here. Here. Here. And here. Oh, and these.) How greedy are you?! “Very,” you say? I can accept that. So here you go… In the premiere episode, don’t expect to see all the major characters. In fact, it takes about halfway through episode 2 for us to see them all. But here’s something you will see in the premiere: an assassination attempt of a major character!

I honestly thought Jackson was going to quit his office job Derek-style on Grey’s. Am I wrong or will the job eventually get to him? I personally prefer him in surgery. — Lillian

And we might get the sense that Jackson feels the same way. When I spoke to Jesse Williams, he said that it will take more than one episode for Jackson to settle into his new role at Grey Sloan, and in fact, “it gets increasingly hard” for him to do so. “We’re a few episodes ahead and every episode is way more demanding for Jackson as a board member,” says Williams. “He doesn’t see that many surgeries and that’s what makes him the most frustrated with his mom. She took away his job and gave him a job he didn’t want or ask for.” That said, Williams doesn’t see the pressure causing Jackson to abandon his post any time soon. ”I hope not,” Williams says. “That’s not something I think will be very fun, but there are certainly people on staff who hope that’s what he would do.”

The April 6 episode of NCIS is getting a lot of buzz. What can you tell us about the episode, especially on the Tony/Ziva front? Can we expect some explosive moments with these two? — Cheryl

Explosive? In a literal sense, not so much. Incredibly sweet? Yes. (…and there’s more than one!) Also, prepare yourself for the ending. In one word: Cliffhanger. In three words: Oh. My. God.

I think The Good Wife is totally back on track after a rough start to the season. Would you agree, Sandra? If so, scoop me! — Leslie

AGREE! And this week’s episode, featuring guest star (and one of my favorite people in the world) John Noble, continues this recent trend of awesome. The episode takes place on St. Patty’s Day (err… at night) and as you know, holidays are always full of drama. There’s one ruined date, one moment that leaves Alicia in tears, and a major confrontation that ends with someone nursing a bloody nose. Amazing.

Thanks for giving Grimm so much love, Sandra! Any more scoop to share? — Marissa

This Friday’s episode features one of star David Giuntoli’s favorite monsters to date — a fly-like creature called a Jinnamuru Xunte. “It has to basically vomit in the face of people and it blinds them and the way you kill it is really horrible — it’s so gruesome,” he says. “But I like the name — it sounds like a band that would tour with Erykah Badu.”

My love for Sue Heck is endless. Anything to report on my favorite braces-adorn Middle character? — Jayme

Sue hears three words that she’s never heard — and they may not be what you think. Meanwhile, Frankie finds a fellow Bachelor fan in her household — and it’s a highly unexpected person.

Hi, Sandra. I’d be super happy and thrilled if you gave me some New Girl scoop. It would make my day! Thank you very much. — Sarah

There’s a chance Jess might be headed back to the classroom! In an upcoming episode, Jess scores a job interview but it comes on a very, very bad day. In barely related news, I appreciate you asking your question in such a light and charming manner. It’s like you were Pixar Lynn.

When’s the next time Liv and Fitz see each other on Scandal? Or really ANYTHING on these two would help me get through these last few days until the new episode! — Gina

Fitz and Liv have another one of their famous phone calls in this week’s episode, but it’s definitely more business than pleasure. And you won’t have to wait too long for their next face-to-face meeting — but the circumstances are less than ideal.

Sandra, I hope this makes it in, but WHAT’S IN THE BOX?! (Re: NCIS: LA) — Samantha

I know you all were dying to find out what’s inside, but I promise your patience will pay off. So does exec producer Shane Brennan! “Deeks will look at Kensi in a slightly different way now,” he says. “And without giving too much away, we haven’t seen the last of the box. Even though the box returns, it isn’t the last time we see the box.”

Any word on The Lying Game renewal? This delay is making me nervous! — B.A.

No word yet, according to Andy Buckley, but he is feeling confident. “Technically they have a month to tell us, but I tend to think they will pick us up,” he says. “I would be very surprised [if we didn’t].”

Any info on the Breaking Bad finale?! I read somewhere that they’re shooting it this week! — Aly

EW EXCLUSIVE! Matt Jones spilled a super big secret to me this weekend at the Office wrap party that I’m sure will blow your mind: “I’ll tell you what it is: it’s a musical,” he said, holding back a smile. “Walter White ascends to heaven and sings like an angel. It’s great.” Okay, there’s a chance he was kidding, but honestly, I’d watch the crap out of a BB musical.

(James Hibberd contributed to this column.)

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