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Supernatural fans, your favorite angel is back. In tonight’s episode of the CW show, Castiel makes another triumphant return, and returning along with him of course is actor Misha Collins.


In tonight’s episode, called “Goodbye Stranger,” Sam and Dean team up with Castiel and Meg (yes, she’s back too!) in the next phase of their quest to keep the all-important angel tablet out of enemy hands, namely Crowley (yep, him too!) and his demons.

Collins took some time to chat with EW about what fans can expect from the episode that EW’s review declares a “multilayered game changer.” Read on for Collins’ teases about the episode, for an update on his non-profit organization Random Acts, and, of course, for a good dose of his signature dry humor.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: The Winchester boys, Dean especially since he’s been praying to Castiel with no response, aren’t too happy that Cas has been MIA. What is the vibe like among the three of them when he returns?

MISHA COLLINS: As per usual, a bit tense. Dean has been obviously praying to Cas. Cas has not been responding, and as the episode begins, there’s very little explanation offered as to why that is. Cas, as we know, has been a bit of a Manchurian candidate up until this point and has been under the control of Naomi, which Sam and Dean are of course unaware of at this point.

You have played seemingly every possible version of this character. Now that Cas is mind-controlled by Naomi, did you have to develop another new approach to your performance?

Yes, although subtly. Some of the other character versions of Castiel have been a bit more dramatic and broad, like when he’s crazy or when he’s a god or something like that. He has to seem to Sam and Dean maybe just a little bit off, but they can’t quite put their finger on what it is. So I think it’s a bit more subtle. I couldn’t really do breakdance maneuvers to show that I’m a total automaton because it would really be tipping my hat to Sam and Dean.

Tell me about getting to work with Rachel Miner again for this episode.

Rachel is absolutely lovely, and I can confidently speak for everyone on the set that we love working for her. She was on a hiatus during this episode from her iPhone and her computer, which I found remarkably inspiring. She literally was not using her cell phone for several weeks, which is an unthinkable amount of self-discipline from my perspective.

What is the interaction between Cas and Meg like in this episode?

There’s a nice moment in this episode where Cas and Meg actually discuss their relationship and their past flirtations. It’s an unusually candid and sweet moment.

What is your first day back on set like when it’s been a while since Castiel has been on the show? Is there a big welcome or do you just slip right back in to the routine?

Oh yeah, they always throw quite a raucous party for me when I return. There’s typically confetti and streamers. Usually when I show up back at work, they take a day off. Everybody stops production. It’s kind of like Mardi Gras. No – sadly what I said is not totally accurate. It’s actually a little depressing: When I come back, it’s as if I never left. Every time. Everybody is doing the exact same thing.

I bet if you rallied together your minions on Twitter, they’d throw a party for you.

That’s a good idea. Maybe we can have sort of a virtual party for myself. I like your thinking. It does sound a bit desperate, but what the hell. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

How did AMOK, the Annual Melee of Kindness you organize with your non-profit group Random Acts, go earlier this month?

It went fantastic. It was significantly more people participating than last year, and it’s been really gratifying to see the exponential growth that’s been occurring with Random Acts over the last couple of years. It’s really grown into something that I’m quite proud of.

Did you have any favorites among the videos that were submitted from AMOK this year?

They’re still editing the videos, so I have not sat down to watch them all. Sadly, I can’t yet speak to that. But I do know that a lot of great stuff happened.

“Goodbye Stranger,” the 17th episode of Supernatural’s eighth season, airs tonight on the CW at 9 p.m.

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