By Samantha Highfill
March 20, 2013 at 05:00 AM EDT
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Romance, heartbreak, burning buildings and lots of eyeliner … this episode had it all.

In the season three finale, the Liars were finally ready to fight back. Spencer kicked things off by going undercover as a member of the “A” team, where she organized a party at a remote lodge so that the elusive red coat could come face-to-face with the four girls she isn’t too fond of. But the party wasn’t until Friday, which meant Spencer had plenty of time to beat Mona at her own game.

Turns out, during Mona’s little visit Radley, she informed Spencer that Toby was still alive. So step one of Spence’s plan involved kidnapping Malcolm (and therefore, breaking up Aria and Ezra) in order to earn Mona’s trust. And then when Mona wasn’t looking, Spencer found Toby’s contact information and had him meet her at a diner. Spoiler: Toby’s alive! And so are his abs.

Minutes after reuniting, Toby took Spencer to his motel room, where they’d be safe. Toby claimed that everything he had done was to protect Spencer. Tears were shed, clothes were removed, and shirtless Toby was welcomed back (with open arms) to the PLL universe.

While Spence and Toby were reuniting, Aria and Ezra were saying goodbye (which they did a lot). Aria explained that they didn’t feel “right” anymore, and Ezra took a job at the high school. They both agreed to move on, but only after they shared one last kiss. Perhaps next year, they’ll revisit the parking lot? Or are they really done for good?

Without any pressing relationship issues, Hanna and Emily spent the episode snooping. Emily witnessed a late night conversation between Jenna, Shana and Melissa, in which Melissa invited them both to the Hastings soirée that Friday. We also learned that Jenna’s eyesight is slowly deteriorating. But at least she’s got Shana to take care of her. So are these two … together?

Meanwhile, Hanna was busy playing a fun game of “guess who” with Malcolm in which he identified Spencer as his kidnapper. When the Liars confronted Spencer about her double-agent status, she filled them in on Friday’s red coat arrival.

And when Friday first rolled around, things were looking good for the Liars. Spencer had Toby helping her find red coat (who flew herself into town on a private plane?) while the other three cornered Mona about her plan. But when two mysterious figures emerged, things went up in flames … literally. Mona, Aria, Emily and Hanna were trapped in the lodge as it started to burn. It was then that Mona revealed that she had never met red coat.

But that’s not all! In the woods, Toby was knocked unconscious by the person who set the fire, and Spencer sort of maybe saw red coat’s face. And she wasn’t the only one. According to Mona, red coat pulled the girls out of the fire. Mona, Spencer and Hanna all agreed: They saw Ali in the red coat.

Then again, was that even possible? Aria wasn’t convinced. Back in town, Wilden’s car re-emerged. In it, a video revealed that Jenna and Shana saved Wilden. But somebody else wasn’t so lucky … the girls opened the trunk to reveal something that was, well, gasp-worthy. Was it a dead boy? Was it Jason?!

And now, to the season’s final flashback! Just as in the midseason finale, we saw an arm emerge from the ground, but this time it received a helping hand (from someone in red?). Was it Ali’s hand? If so, who saved her? And is she now red coat? But why would red coat save the girls?

Final questions: Who were the two figures in the woods? Are they working with red coat? Is Toby really good?

Hit the comments with your questions: I’m talking to executive producer Oliver Goldstick later this morning!

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