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March 20, 2013 at 08:09 PM EDT

If, by some miracle, you thought you knew what was going on in Rosewood, last night’s season three finale probably proved you wrong … or at least presented you with a few new puzzles to solve. The bad news? The answers to those puzzles are months away. The good news? I might have something that will help you with your theories.

This morning, after my head stopped spinning with questions of motives, teams, and trunks, I spoke with PLL executive producer Oliver Goldstick about all things red coat, Toby, the arrival of a new suspect, and more:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: At this point, is the red coat mystery supposed to be solved, or is that still up in the air?

OLIVER GOLDSTICK: It will still be up in the air. We knew we threw something at the audience. We called it the “Is She or Isn’t She” episode, because we threw something at audience that we felt like a lot of the audience suspected was happening already and whether to confirm their suspicions or at least throw some spin on it, we wanted to bring the girls up to speed with where the audience was. The audience was suspecting that Alison was alive; we certainly wanted the girls to come into the fourth season with the same theory.

But red coat is definitively the person in charge of the “A” team and behind all of this?


Last night, Mona claimed she didn’t know the identity of red coat. Had she not met her in the season two finale while she was in Radley?

Mona later said that was a vision. Because no one else saw that. Remember when the doctor came in, there was no one sitting in that chair. That was a manifestation of her imagination.

Will we learn red coat’s motivation? What’s the time frame on that?

You’ll get that soon. You’re going to get that very soon. We’ve been hinting at a lot of things. We sort of threw something out there last week as well about CeCe. Everyone thought that she was Alison’s mentor and there was some kind of big sister relationship, and then Dr. Wren told us that actually Ali got CeCe kicked out of college. There was no love lost between those two.

Were the individuals behind last night’s fire part of the “A” team?

That’s a great question and that’s the same question the girls have when we enter the fourth season, because Emily obviously was privy to something last night, which was explosive. There were three of them — Melissa was talking to the other two, to Jenna and Shana, so there’s a trio of harpies here we have to worry about. And the girls are all aware of that now. Is it the “A” team? Are they minions? Is one of them in charge?

Are we going to learn more about this Shana and Jenna relationship?

Yea. We’ll learn more about it when we come back. We were hinting last night at Jenna’s sight situation; the operation was not a success. We sort of presaged that last year when we said they weren’t certain it’d be successful.

Let’s get to this Wilden’s car, is-it-a-dead-body situation …

It’s going to be something juicy. That’s all I can tell you. It’s very juicy and game-changing for us.

No matter what is in that trunk, dead body or not, did the fact that Hanna and Aria pushed it into the river affect what is in that trunk?


Moving to the flashback, we’re back to the hand coming out of the ground. What is the timeframe on learning who that is?

That comes back to haunt us on several occasions. We’re already up to episode five of the fourth season, and there’s something in the second episode that will give some insight into what that hand was about. So you’ll learn some things early on in season 4A — why that hand popped out of the ground like that.

NEXT: Toby, Wren and Mrs. DiLaurentis

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Four little liars and a being named “A” (who may or may not be the fifth little liar) try to live their lives in Rosewood. It’s complicated.
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