President Obama has turned against Nate Silver!

…in his NCAA Tournament bracket.

The president shared his Barack-etology picks for this year’s Final Four with ESPN’s Andy Katz, and he went against top-seeded Louisville, who famed numbers-cruncher Silver considers the favorite to win the tournament. To be fair, Obama didn’t exactly go out on a limb, picking Silver’s second choice, Indiana, to beat Louisville in the finals in Atlanta. In fact, the president seems to have a keen appreciation for the numbers that Silver tabulates, since they each selected three of the same four teams to reach the Final Four.

Watch the President below, as he cops to his Big-10 bias, sends Notre Dame home early for their horrible neon green uniforms, and explains who Joe Biden wants to see go all the way. Orange you going to take a guess?

To his credit, Obama doesn’t let politics color his selections; he’s happy to champion teams from conservative states that didn’t support his candidacy, like Indiana and Louisville this year and North Carolina and Kansas in recent tournaments. (Though this was the third consecutive year that he picked Ohio State to reach the Final Four. It always comes down to swing-state Ohio!)

Good news for the other 63 teams in the tournament? Obama hasn’t exactly been Silver-esque recently when it comes to his NCAA picks. Since successfully predicting that North Carolina would win it all in 2009, his last three tournament favorites have failed to even reach the Final Four, with last year’s choice, North Carolina, bowing out in the Round of 8.

I’m no Nate Silver or Air Obama, but I’m going to suggest the following four teams, based an extensive research that included coins, darts, the coaches’ style sense, graduation rates (high=bad, low=good), and the ferocity of a team’s mascot. (Sorry, Saint Louis Billikens.) Louisville, Michigan, Syracuse (Joe Biden is still talking to me!), and the Notre Dame Fighting Fireflies, who have a fan in my fashion-conscious 5-year-old daughter.

Get your office brackets in by tomorrow morning.

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