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Whether you’re drawn to Elizabeth Gilbert or repelled by her, you’re probably reacting to her massively popular 2006 memoir Eat, Pray, Love, which sold 10 million copies, caught Oprah’s attention, inspired a movie starring Julia Roberts, and — like many successful creative works by women — galvanized a vocal army of haters. Before EPL and the dutiful if forgettable follow-up Committed, she had written excellent fiction: a novel called Stern Men and a near-perfect collection of short stories called Pilgrims.

For fans of Gilbert’s fiction, it’s great news that she’s returning to the form after a 13-year absence. The Signature of All Things — an epic novel of love, ambition and 19th century botanical exploration — doesn’t come out until Oct. 1, but Gilbert is giving readers the opportunity to vote on the cover via her Facebook page. Voting begins 8 a.m. ET on Mar. 21 and ends Sunday, Mar. 24.

Which cover is your favorite? I’m leaning toward the beige one.

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