By Erin Strecker
Updated March 19, 2013 at 01:00 PM EDT

In honor of March Madness, EW is launching a tournament to determine the Greatest TV Couple of All Time. But before we can finalize the brackets, we are turning to you, our hopeless TV romantic readers, to decide which five couples – all part of a love triangle on their shows — make it out of a qualifying round to fill the final slots. First up, Sookie & Bill versus Sookie & Eric on True Blood.

Sorry, Edward & Bella: When it comes to vampire love, you can’t beat the sexy, smoldering stares of a Viking… Or is it you can’t beat the stares of an old-school Southern Gentleman?

You can see where we run into problems. For one of our qualifying polls to determine the Greatest TV Couple of All Time, we need your help to decide if real-life loves Sookie (Anna Paquin) and Bill (Stephen Moyer) should be the True Blood relationship that makes the cut – or if Sookie and Eric (Alexander Skarsgård) is the real love worth dying for. Apologies to Alcide: He may be a shirtless werewolf hunk, but his ill-fated brief make-outs with Ms. Stackhouse aren’t enough to elevate him to potential boyfriend status.

Personally, I prefer Eric Northman. He’s sarcastic and playful, which is exactly what you should be looking for in a vampire boyfriend. He may have originally tricked Sookie into drinking his blood, but Bill’s hands aren’t exactly clean when it comes to manipulation either. Their seasons-long flirting was fun to watch, but things really heated up when Eric’s memory was wiped by an evil witch in season 4 and Sookie had to take care of him. They fall in love, have steamy sex in the moonlight (not to mention all over her house), and — although they are now broken up — last season he still protected Sookie, and didn’t allow his “sister” Nora to hurt her. Plus: That smile!

On the other hand, the Team Bill camp loves to talk about one true love. Bill is the one who introduced Sookeh to the vampire world — and Fangtasia — after all. He staked a vampire to protect her, even though that likely would have resulted in him meeting the True Death. He was even a charmer with Sookie’s grandma. (He was not talking about the Civil War for his own benefit.) But the sweet Bill of the early seasons is not the Bill we’ve been dealing with recently. He’s been corrupted by power, brainwashed while hanging out with the Authority. Even more damning: During last season’s finale, he appeared to become dangerous when Eric and Sookie try to rescue him, and he wasn’t exactly nice to Jessica either. Do we really want Sookie anywhere near Billith?

Who’s moving on to the next round? Vote below.

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