By Adam Carlson
March 19, 2013 at 08:21 PM EDT
Keith Bernstein/HBO

If you aren’t serving dragon wings at your Game of Thrones viewing party, you’re probably doing it wrong.

HBO’s incredibly violent, incredibly intricate swords-sorcery-and-salaciousness drama is premiering its third season on Sunday, March 31. It has potential. But more importantly: it has potential to inspire great parties.

There’s creative cuisine: the “imp shrimp cocktail,” for example, or a recipe on Pinterest for something called “Ned Stark Cake Pops” (there are toothpicks involved — and they aren’t used delicately).

Of course, drinking is involved — there’s an Iron Throne-themed beer, not to mention a drinking game. Alternately, the Beer Advocate is happy to point you toward the best selection for you and your friends. One pick? Stone Arrogant Bastard, for Jon Snow.

But wait! Here’s Tom Colicchio!

With season three, there are even more possibilities for viewing party tie-ins. Not to spoil (much of) anything, but the new episodes promise at least one appearance by a bear, not to mention at least one…event that will shock probably everyone.

What about you, PopWatchers: Are you prepping your own GoT viewing party? What are you including? And what goes best with a little dragon?

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