Credit: Alex John Beck

In between all of the epic Prince sets, Justin Timberlake covers of INXS songs, and Usher drop-ins, it would have been easy to miss one of the more exciting moments of SXSW weekend: the return of Vampire Weekend.

Playing their first North American shows since announcing their upcoming album Modern Vampires of the City, the New York quartet pulled the curtain back on some new music. The album is out May 6, but the band decided to put two new songs on the Internet today. Official first single “Diane Young” is an envelope-pushing blast of power pop, while “Step” is a mellower jam more akin to the band’s earlier material.

Listen to both songs below, and enjoy those mesmerizing images of cars on fire while you’re at it:

This is really the year of the strange first single, isn’t it? David Bowie, Beyoncé, Depeche Mode, Justin Timberlake, and Drake have all made very unusual decisions when selecting the first pieces released from their new albums. They’re not necessarily terrible, but they also raise more questions than answers (though perhaps that’s what everybody is hunting for).