The second season of HBO’s critically acclaimed Girls ended on a weaker note that last year’s closer.

Only 632,000 viewers tuned in for the show’s second season finale’s 9 p.m. telecast, down quite a bit from the 1 million who watched the first airing of the finale last year. Another 311,000 and 187,000 watched the finale’s two encores at 10 p.m. and 11 p.m., respectively.

HBO points out that when you tally up viewership across all its platforms (On Demand, HBO Go, DVR, etc), Girls — which is already renewed for a third season — is currently averaging 4.6 million viewers, the same as the first season.

Still, we can’t help but compare the performance of Girls to a program that’s perhaps its pop cultural opposite: The critically mocked, yet quite popular, The Bible miniseries on History channel, which also aired last night. Ratings for the third episode of The Bible are not yet available, but the previous week’s airing had 10.8 million viewers for a single telecast.

And for those wondering about the question posed in the headline, we checked with Nielsen. Jesus actually watched The Amazing Race.