Obamas America 2016

The team that created the conservative documentary 2016: Obama’s America, which last year became the second-highest-grossing political documentary of all time, are re-partnering with conservative talking head Dinesh D’Souza for a film simply titled America, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The new film, which is not described as a sequel so much as a companion piece to 2016, will be directed by John Sullivan and produced by Gerald Molen, who won an Academy Award for his work on Schindler’s List. The duo worked together on 2016, as well.

The trailer for America will officially debut at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington D.C., which began on Thursday and has already included messages from Sarah Palin, Rand Paul, and Mitt Romney. THR is streaming the trailer, which asks the question, “What would the world look like if America never existed?”

Sullivan spoke with EW last August about the rising success of 2016, which ultimately earned $33.5 million at the domestic box office. At the time, he said “People are very eager to see a different angle on president Obama, feeling that the media itself has not done a very good job or feel like issues that should have come up have not come up.”

While it’s unclear just how much the president will be a part of America, D’Souza makes it clear that his ideologies will be a major part of the new film, telling THR, “We intend to provide both serious answers and have some fun as we take Obama’s dreams for America to their logical conclusions.”

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