Seth MacFarlane Oscars
Credit: ABC

The producers who oversaw Seth MacFarlane’s highly-rated — but also heavily criticized — stint as this year’s Oscar host said lots of people “missed the joke” when the comedian broke out into the “Boobs Song” at the top of the telecast on ABC.

The tune, which made fun of actresses like Charlize Theron, Kristen Stewart, and Kate Winslet for exposing their breasts in movies, was one of the most lambasted parts of the telecast and prompted criticism from the likes of Jamie Lee Curtis and Geena Davis. “It was not about the women that were mentioned; the song was about him being a bad host and him being a juvenile, which was why he was a bad host,” Craig Zadan told The Hollywood Reporter.

“Everyone who complained missed the joke, it was satire,” added Neil Meron. “People have complained for years and years that the Oscars were becoming irrelevant. And I think what we did this year is to really make them part of the cultural conversation, and I think that’s the important part that people will take away.”

Zadan and Meron, who were interviewed Saturday while attending the GLAAD awards in New York City, said they were proud of MacFarlane and that it’s hard to gauge what people will like — or despise. “He did the job at we wanted him to do,” Meron said. “Seth is irreverent, he comments on things that happen in our culture, and that’s what he did and we thought he did an extraordinary job.”