Everett Collection
March 15, 2013 at 04:00 AM EDT
We gave it a B+

Eight years before Back to the Future: Part III sent Marty McFly to the gunslinging Old West, there was Timerider. This wacky 1982 fish-out-of-water flick (now out on Blu-ray) stars Fred Ward (inset) as off-road motocrosser Lyle Swann, who gets transported to a time of saloons and black-hatted villains when he accidentally takes the place of a monkey in a time-travel experiment. The film itself was made by a Monkee — onetime band member Michael Nesmith — who co-wrote the script and provided the very ’80s-sounding score. It’s all about as silly as it sounds, but there are some great touches — like the fact that Swann never seems to realize he’s in the 19th century. B+

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