Samsung unveiled its latest attempt to dethrone Apple’s American smartphone supremacy yesterday with a theatrical-themed event at Radio City Music Hall in Manhattan. The South Korean tech giant, which sells more smartphones than Apple internationally, has been cutting into Apple’s U.S. market share recently and it’s confident its new Galaxy S4 will win over Americans who ceded their loyalty to Apple’s sleek — but more expensive — products. The new S4 will certainly look familiar to longtime Apple users, but it also has some new features intent on proving the manufacturer is more than just a copycat, like a Dual Camera that allows users to take simultaneous front and backwards photos, and an intuitive scrolling mechanism that responds to the tilt of the phone. Plus, it comes in two colors! Black Mist or White Frost! (At this point, there is no White Mist hybrid option.)

Check out Samsung’s promo video below:

The S4 is expected to be available next quarter. Are you tempted to jump ship, Apple peeps?

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