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Last year’s fall a cappella comedy Pitch Perfect made beautiful music at the box office. The $17 million production starring Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson — about a ragtag group of college warblers — finished off its run with $65 million, a solid hit by any measure. Incredibly, though, the movie’s gotten even more popular since it left theaters. ”It’s been humbling to watch it unfold,” says first-time director Jason Moore. Here’s a look at all the ways Pitch Perfect has captured the zeitgeist.

Home Video

Universal fast-tracked Pitch Perfect onto DVD and Blu-ray in late December, and according to Peter Cramer, the studio’s co-president of production, sales have ”far exceeded what its box office would suggest it would do.” The movie has sold 2.4 million DVDs and Blu-rays so far and has earned $90 million across all home-market platforms. It is also Universal’s third-highest-grossing VOD title behind blockbusters Ted and Bridesmaids.

The Soundtrack

Sales for the film’s official album started off slow, with only 212,000 copies moved in 2012. But following the DVD debut (and Universal Music Enterprises’ decision to release a deluxe edition of the soundtrack as well), the album took on a new life in the new year. In February, it climbed all the way to No. 3 on the Billboard 200, and it is currently the fifth-highest-selling album of 2013 behind releases by Mumford & Sons, Bruno Mars, the Lumineers, and Taylor Swift, with 553,000 total copies sold.

The Single

The biggest — and perhaps unlikeliest — success story from the soundtrack is Anna Kendrick’s tumbler-tapping folk tune ”Cups,” which has reached No. 64 on the Hot 100 despite having no special promotion and being only 77 seconds long. Looking to capitalize further, UME has remixed and extended the song to more than two minutes and will push ”Cups” to mainstream radio later this month. The label is also filming a video for the single, which will reunite Kendrick with director Moore. ”It’s the silliest thing that this song has taken off to the point that I’ve rerecorded it and we’re going to shoot a music video for it,” says Kendrick. ”It’s such a novelty.”

A Sequel

Universal wants to make it happen, though there’s no time frame yet. ”All of the principals have expressed interest in returning,” says Cramer. ”And we are in the process of making a deal for our original writer, Kay Cannon, to write the script.” In the meantime, Rebel Wilson, who’s hosting the MTV Movie Awards on April 14, recently tweeted that she wanted the ladies to reunite for a number. Which would be aca-awesome.

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