Lil Wayne suffered a seizure but is recovering, according to his spokesman.

The Southern rapper also reassured fans that he was on the mend. “I’m good everybody,” he wrote. “Thx for the prayers and love.”

Earlier this week, TMZ reported that Lil Wayne was sent to a Los Angeles hospital after suffering a seizure on the set of a Nicki Minaj video. According to multiple reports, he was released shortly after being treated, though the state of his health remained unclear. On Friday morning, TMZ then reported that Weezy was back in the hospital after another seizure, which prompted false rumors to spread via social media that his prognosis was fatal.

Wayne’s Young Money associates were slightly more defensive. Label president Mack Maine wrote, “Don’t believe the nonsense about comas and tubes to breathe…that’s false!!” He later went after TMZ for spreading rumors about the rapper’s health.

This isn’t the first time Wayne has suffered from seizures. His plane had to make an emergency landing in October of last year after he suffered a seizure mid-flight, and that was only a few days after another plane had to land suddenly because Weezy was suffering from “a severe migraine and dehydration.” There must be something about Southern rappers and air travel, because Rick Ross suffers from a similar affliction.

Lil Wayne’s new album I Am Not a Human Being II is scheduled for release on March 26.