Other songs for your ear buds



”5am in Toronto”

As far as we know, the bars in Toronto close at 2 a.m., so Drizzy must’ve been on quite the bender when he wrote this epic one-verse wonder. Propelled by a hooky piano beat, he takes the world to task for doubting him and even throws in a sly reference to the Great Chris Brown Bottle Incident of 2012. It all amounts to one sick continuous flow — or, as he says, ”Drake featuring Drake.” A-Ray Rahman

She & Him
”Never Wanted Your Love”

Miss Zooey’s Good-Time Musical Medicine Show keeps merrily rolling along. Deschanel’s latest collaboration with singer-songwriter M. Ward is an inoffensively slight guitar jingle about the kind of love that makes the New Girl star happy-moan, ”I can’t help it/ I can’t win/I don’t want to let you in” from the balcony of her polka-dot twee-house — and then invite the guy up for strawberry lemonade anyway. BAdam Markovitz

Iggy and the Stooges

Iggy Pop still writhes his way through end-of-days scenarios like a sinewy witch doctor, and returning guitarist James Williamson (back in the fold four decades after Raw Power) gives this smoldering pool of garage sludge some extra-heavy six-string stank. B+Kyle Anderson

Mindless Behavior
All Around the World

Part of the teen R&B combo’s chart-dominating success comes from their alienlike professional cuteness, and there’s nary a digital hair out of place on their sophomore effort. It’s cookie-cutter, though their borderline-innocent paeans to playground love (like ”Forever”) play better than the show-me-your-thong lasciviousness that awaits them in adulthood. B-Kyle Anderson

Billy Bragg
Tooth & Nail

Like a British Bruce Springsteen, Bragg splits his focus between fiery politicking and hard-luck personal tales. His 13th album focuses on the latter, though even amid country-kissed weepers like ”No One Knows Nothing Anymore,” he can’t help but ask, “What happens when the markets drop?” Still, his perfectly weathered voice brings out the simple sweetness of breezy heartbreakers like ”Chasing Rainbows.” A-Kyle Anderson