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Watching the last episode of Survivor: Caramoan — Fans vs Favorites was one of the most awkward and uncomfortable television-viewing experiences I can remember. A guy who was clearly emotionally unstable his first time out on Survivor: South Pacific was brought back to compete again, and suffered yet another emotional breakdown, tossing his tribe’s food all over the ground while trying to start a fight with another contestant. That guy is Brandon Hantz, and Brandon called into this week’s episode of the InsideTV Podcast to discuss what the heck happened out there, his take after watching the episode, and how he is doing now back home with his family.

You never know what you are going to get with Brandon, but cohost Jessica Shaw and I are thrown for a loop as Brandon talks about how happy and proud he is of what happened out on the island. In fact, his only regret has nothing to do with throwing out the food or verbally attacking Phillip Sheppard, but is the point where he momentarily thought about quitting because he missed his family. He stands by everything else. He also insists there is no need for concern about his emotional or psychological state. It is a conversation you are not likely to soon forget, and to listen in, all you have to do is click on the audio player below.

Then, we move from one reality franchise to another as Jessica and I chat with the latest person to be fired on All-Star Celebrity Apprentice, Dee Snider. When it comes to being fired, Dee is not gonna take it! (Although, technically, he did kind of take it seeing as how he pretty much asked to get the boot.) The Twisted Sister frontman has no problems whatsoever giving us the inside scoop on what goes on in the Boardroom. He spills secrets on Trump, Amanda the receptionist, Adrian the elevator operator, and the other element of the last task that we never saw! [The Dee Snider All-Star Celebrity Apprentice interview starts at 30:00.]

To listen in on the whole thing just click on the audio player icon below. Or, since we’re on iTunes, you can subscribe for free and take the podcast with you. No iTunes? No problem. You can also download the entire podcast right here. And to send a question to the InsideTV Podcast team, follow us on Twitter @InsideTVPodcast. But first, what are your thoughts on Brandon from Survivor? Should he have been cast again on the show? Was he pressured by his family to be another reality show villain? Hit the message boards and let us know.