Oprah Luncheon
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Oprah took the number one spot on Forbes Magazine’s annual most influential celebrities list. And nearly two years after she ended her talk show, it still seems right — but not just because of the Lance Armstrong effect.

The television mogul narrowly topped the list with a cryptic “48%” influential ranking, with her notable attribute being “compassion.” Spielberg barely missed the mark at 47%. He’s “interesting.” In third place, Martin Scorsese is “dynamic,” and in fourth place, Ron Howard is “down to earth.” Poor George Lucas actually tied with Howard, but was given a 5th place ranking. According to Forbes: “To break ties, we also factored in the likability and awareness metrics.” Sorry, George. Ron Howard does seem like a really nice guy.

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1. Oprah – 48%, Compassionate

2. Steven Spielberg – 47%; Interesting

3. Martin Scorsese – 42%; Dynamic

4. Ron Howard – 41%; Down To Earth

5. George Lucas – 41%; Trend-Setter

6. Mehmet Oz – 40%; Good Energy

7. Barbara Walters – 37%; Classy

8. Bono – 37%; Activist

9. Suze Orman – 37%; Good Energy

10. Clint Eastwood – 36%; Unique

The rankings are determined by E-Poll Research’s E-Score Celebrity. Their poll ranks 46 “personality attributes” to determine the influence of 7,500 celebrities. Even though “influence” is a vague word, in this context, E-Poll believes that people are rating an individual’s impact on the culture. According to Forbes, the average celebrity got an 11% ranking. Notably, Michael J. Fox dropped off the top 10 to 13th place after earning a 2nd place spot last year.

It’s an interesting slate of people — of the five directors, four television personalities, and one musician/activist, it’s mostly white, and all are over 50. At 83, Walters is the oldest person on the list. Ron Howard might be the most surprising inclusion — he’s certainly ubiquitous and generally respected, but has he had a notable impact on culture recently? Also, for a list of celebrities, was anyone else surprised that there were no actors (and by that I mean, only actors – not Eastwood or Oprah or even Howard who have become better known for other ventures)? Or fiction authors? How about reality television personalities? Let us know what you think!

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