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A new magician movie and telephonic thriller are stepping onto the box office stage to take on the blockbuster wizard, Oz The Great and Powerful, this weekend. But Disney doesn’t need to worry. Here’s how the box office may play out:

1. Oz The Great and Powerful – $47 million

Disney’s $215 million Sam Raimi-directed fairy tale scored a blazing $79.1 million last weekend, and it has no chance of leaving the top spot this time around. Word-of-mouth on the film is solid, and neither of this weekend’s two newcomers will challenge Oz when it comes to attracting families. A 40-percent drop would give Oz a very great and very powerful second weekend of $47 million and a running total just shy of $150 million.

2. The Incredible Burt Wonderstone – $16 million

Jim Carrey and Steve Carrell are popular, well-liked stars and they’re sure to draw at least moderate crowds to theaters this weekend. But between its wacky magician conceit and silly title, The Incredible Burt Wonderstone may have trouble breaking out. Identity Thief, with its $118 million total, has clearly proven that audiences are ready to consume mainstream comedic fare, but the tracking on Burt Wonderstone has been distressingly soft. Fortunately, the Warner Bros./New Line production only carries a $32 million budget. Expect the film to make about $16 million vanish from people’s wallets this weekend.

3. The Call – $12 million

Halle Berry’s latest The Call, which has been earning weak reviews in the same range as Wonderstone, seems unlikely to inspire many, “We have got to go see this!” calls among friends, but the thriller still could have a decent enough debut. Troika Pictures and WWE Entertainment financed the film for about $15 million, and Sony acquired and will release it under their TriStar label. Berry, who has never been much of a box office draw (Cloud Atlas, anyone?), probably won’t pull huge crowds into theaters, but films centered on women like Mama have succeeded in 2013, and The Call could play well with both female and African-American audiences. It may earn $12 million in its first three days.

4. Jack the Giant Slayer – $4.8 million

Poor Jack won’t catch a break. A 55-percent drop would give the disastrous flop a weekend below $5 million and just $52.5 million.

5. Identity Thief – $3.8 million

The smash comedy finally has some competition from Wonderstone, so it may fall by a slightly larger 40 percent, down to $3.8 million, giving it a terrific $123 million total.

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