Say hello to Vevo TV!

Vevo took the stage at SXSW this week to announce a new multi-platform programming initiative that attempts to streamline and highlight the buzziest music and entertainment happenings.

“VEVO TV is your channel for live concert events, artist interviews and video premieres from the biggest artists in the world. You will also find exclusive and original music shows we produce that you won’t be able to find anywhere else,” the company said in a blog post announcing the initiative. “…Just like a TV programming guide, our schedule will illustrate what is on right now and what is coming up later in the day, so you won’t miss a thing.”

The “channel” model will also reportedly allow the company to more effectively monetize its content behind the scenes. The Vevo TV ad model presents advertisers a chance to sponsor programming blocks across all platforms rather than individual videos.

Vevo TV is currently available on the web, Apple iOS, Android, Windows, Xbox and Roku.