Pretty Little Liars
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Body bags, candy stripers and flashbacks, oh my!

Season three’s next-to-last episode kicked off with a rainy night at Radley, where the Liars reunited with their not-so-fearless leader. The girls had news: Park Rangers recovered a body in the woods, and it wasn’t Toby. It also wasn’t anywhere near the location Spencer mentioned. So was it the same body? A different one? That’s to be determined … along with Spencer’s level of sanity. After walking out on her friends, Spencer told her mom she wasn’t ready to come home. But Mrs. Hastings didn’t go down without a fight. Cue the flashback! Mama Hastings revealed that she had found Ali (with a bloody lip!) sneaking into their house late one night about two weeks before she disappeared.

With that in mind, Spence went snooping. Eddie — who does not like Wren at all (think visitor pass troubles) — gave Spencer a board game that used to be Mona’s favorite, which ended up being a map that pointed to two things: An unlocked window (Mona’s escape route?) and a toy horse in that creepy baby room of Radley (you know the one).

When Spence eventually found her way to the baby room, she also found her way to a hallucination (?) of Ali. As the duo danced in that straight-out-of-a-horror-movie room, Spencer asked if Toby was the one that hit Ali. But according to Ali, “Girls fight much dirtier than boys.” Who was she talking about? CeCe? Melissa?

Speaking of CeCe, Spencer’s visit to the baby room also led her to Mona’s stash of visitor passes, including one for Miss CeCe Drake, authorized by Wren. Luckily (or not), Wren was there to explain himself. He admitted to getting CeCe in, but only because he thought CeCe could be a role model for Mona. Apparently, Ali had gotten CeCe kicked out of “university” after some stunt she pulled at a frat party, and CeCe had found a way to move past her anger at Ali. Is that really why CeCe was visiting, or was the captain of the “A” team checking in with Mona? Do you believe that Wren is innocent?

Outside of Radley, Aria was dealing with the fact that “A” kidnapped Malcolm when she was supposed to pick him up from karate. Somehow, Malcolm kept his mouth shut to his parents, but Aria couldn’t. She sort of maybe broke up with Ezra. I think. And while we’re talking relationships, what was up with Emily texting Shana when Paige was out of town?! I smell drama.

And let’s not forget about Hanna, who had to worry about Caleb’s father stealing from the church. After Jamie was fired for suspicion of stealing, Hanna fessed up about the donation money. And minutes after Caleb ended things with his father, Hanna discovered that “A” was behind the whole thing. Whoops.

Now to the real crazy stuff: Another young male’s body was found, and this one was where Spencer said Toby was. The male had suffered “significant trauma” and did not have I.D. But he did have a certain tattoo, which looked a little smeared to me, didn’t you think? So was it Toby this time? And what was red coat doing at the morgue? More questions: Why would Melissa call CeCe to tell her that Mona was in Radley? What game are these older folks playing?

Finally, Spencer revealed what she was hiding in her pillowcase, and I’m not talking about the sleeping pills. Spence had a black hoodie and two tickets to the creepiest puppet show on Earth (right, Malcolm?). Is Spencer going undercover, or is she joining the “A” team? WHAT IS HAPPENING?!

And don’t forget, this is your last chance to talk red coat theories before the finale!

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