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Good day, Roomies!

Hope the world is treating you well. I certainly can’t complain. In the last week since we’ve touched base, I’m settled into my new L.A.-based digs, mourned the loss of my access to solid public transportation and purchased a car, and started a Fund the Veronica Mars movie piggy bank. Very busy, as you can see. But that brings me to the highlight of my week: Giving y’all scoop on the cool stuff coming up on your favorite shows.

Check out this week’s offerings below, and if you have a question, don’t hesitate to ask! or on Twitter: @EWSandraG.


How great was Arrow’s Paley panel this weekend? (If you missed it, you suck. Kidding! You can watch it here.) But before the event, Spoiler Room hit the red carpet for some scoop on the finale that executive producer Marc Guggenheim says will find the conflict between Arrow/Oliver (Stephen Amell) and John Barrowman’s Merlyn coming to a big climax.

“John Barrowman’s character is incredibly large in the finale end game,” he revealed. “He’s basically been our big bet of the year. Things are really going to come to a head between him and the Arrow — and him and Oliver. And Tommy will fall in the center of it.”

The idea, explained Guggenheim, was to set up the show’s second season while giving the first part of this story a proper conclusion. “The arc that Oliver goes on in season 2 really is set up by the finale. Everything that happens in the finale creates a sense of closure. You definitely feel like a chapter is ending, but it sets up everything that we’re planning,” he said.

Amell, meanwhile, admits he has not read the season finale script yet, but offered up a juicy tease in exchange: “We have a flashback coming up that goes way back,” he says.


Say hello to the Red team.

As you may have heard, on next week’s episode of NCIS: LA, viewers will be introduced to a mobile team of agents who live together and solve crimes, collectively called NCIS: Red. Over two episodes, airing next week and March 26, we’ll get to know John Corbett’s Roy Haines, Kim Raver’s Agent Paris Summerskill, and more. But while this is indeed a backdoor pilot for a spin-off, it doesn’t mean we’ll be short on any action from the core NCIS: LA team.

In fact, when I sat down with Chris O’Donnell earlier, he said he’d been hard at work filming plenty of scenes with both Raver and Corbett. Additionally, I’m told that Callen and Paris, who will not have officially met before their encounter in this episode, will share “a definite connection” that points toward potential for more than friendship. (How that’d work on a spin-off, I’m not sure. But should Red get picked up, we know at least one cast member — Miguel Ferrer — will be a regular on both shows. So more crossover is not out of the cards.)

Regardless of how it all pans out, O’Donnell said “it’s a cool concept for a show,” and he looks forward to viewers seeing “how the chemistry works with everybody.” “It’s off to a great start,” he said. “It’s also a flashback for me to five years ago when we went on the set of NCIS and the day I first met Todd, LL Cool J. I remember meeting the cast of NCIS and they were such a family and so close and comfortable, and we were all awkward and trying to figure everything out.”

They’ve clearly figured out things since then.


There’s a battle brewing on The Big Bang Theory.

While talking to Kunal Nayyar about Big Bang‘s upcoming panel at Paleyfest (more on that later today), we had a chance to chat about an upcoming episode in which the guys find themselves competing for a tenured spot at the university. And as he teases, things get intense. “We just filmed something where the guys battle for tenure. A tenure position opens up and all the guys — except Howard because he’s not a PhD — gear up to try to get that position. It’s a lot of fun,” he says. But do things get vicious? “It’s always vicious between these guys, isn’t it?” he jokes. “But it’s layered with love! Hilarity will ensue.”

Speaking of love, after a successful — and completely adorable text date — with Lucy (Kate Micucci), Nayyar says he’s not sure where their romance is headed. (The cast is just finishing up a week of vacation from filming.) “It’s nice to see Raj get a shot at love because I see everyone in the group has grown in that fashion and Raj has sort of been the odd man out in those circumstances,” he says. “He has pretty low self-esteem, especially when it comes to women. He doesn’t see things going well for him because things have predominantly gone so poorly. So it’s nice to see someone who he can connect with on the issues of social anxiety. Now he’s met someone who is as socially inept as he is and I think it levels the playing field for them.”

Do you all hope those two go the distance? And who do you think is going to get tenure? Sound off below!

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New Girl!! PLEASE! Preferably Nick-Jess-centric! — Erika

Next week’s new episode is going to be another Nick/Jess fan fave as Jess finds herself making LOTS of confessions while high as a kite on painkillers. Meanwhile, as you may have heard, the March 26 episode is going to be an emotional affair as the gang travels to Chicago to support Nick after his dad dies. While that may sound like a heartbreaker, Jake Johnson also promised some lighter fare in April 30’s “Virgins,” which finds the gang recounting the time they lost their virginities. “Well he was 16. He had braces. He was not a smooth operator believe it or not, but it’s a big father-son kind of – wait that sounds wrong – [Nick and] his father really connect [via flashback] with the idea of how they each lost their virginity. So we get really great Walt/Nick stuff.”

SANDRA! I need some Supernatural scoop. Seriously. If you don’t deliver, I’ll send some Hellhounds after you. — Tammy (co-King of Hell)

I don’t respond well to threats, Tammy. But I also happen to have some scoop that will subdue you — and your Hellhounds. In the March 20 ep, I can tell you that Castiel and Dean’s relationship will be tested as Castiel feels Naomi’s (Amanda Tapping) pull stronger than ever. (Warning: It gets brutal/heartbreaking/SOFREAKINGGOOD!) Bonus (vague) scoop: Sooner rather than later, yet another character is going to [spoiler]!

I’m DYING for some Cougar Town scoop!! — Kelly

Oof. Speaking of death, I can tell you the April 9 season finale will feature — shock! — a funeral. But this farewell is not the part of the two-part finale that will have you blubbering like a baby.

Hi Sandra. Now that you have moved to L.A. and closer to the action, I really hope you can score some great scoop on my two favorite shows, Castle and NCIS. Pretty please? — Cheryl

Someone on the NCIS team is hiding a big secret, and how/when/why it comes to light, is going to lead to what I predict will be one of the best episodes yet. (And just wait till you see [spoiler]’s reaction to the revelation!)

What the heck is going on with Nick on Grimm?! That last scene with him on the floor was terrifying! — Lola

I’ll do you one better, Lola. Here’s David Giuntoli answering three burning questions about the big episode:

Looking for any spoilers you have on a great new drama, Golden Boy. So far, love the casting and writing!!! Please…. — Cjsm66

Oh, joy! I was hoping I wasn’t the only following this show. And you’re in luck. When I hit up the set of Golden Boy a few months back, Theo James opened up about two great things to look forward to. The first is episode 4, which he says “is probably one of my favorite episodes because you come to learn how Clark makes that transition from a naive cop to making movements in the political sphere of the police force in New York.” And the second: Meeting Clark’s father, whom he calls “a bad force in Clark’s life.” “We find out through snippets that he has done something so bad that [Clark, as commissioner] can’t even look at him and won’t even speak to him. He won’t accept his existence,” says James. “So the dad is a formidable force, which you begin to find out in the end of the first season. That is part of the storyline that if a second season happens, that would be part of [the storyline] — how he forced Clark to do things he shouldn’t have one.”

I’d love some info on The Americans. I’m having so much fun seeing Keri Russell kick some ass. — Robin

While we’re playing with profanity: Look for a major HOLY SH!# moment in tonight’s episode, which finds Philip reuniting with an old flame, who delivers some big news about their past. But after the initial shock, you’ll later learn that things aren’t exactly as they seem. I’ll have a lot more for Americans fans very soon. So make sure you send me your specific questions in the next week or so.

I know we’re going to see Regina and Snow feuding more than ever now that Snow killed Cora, but are we going to get to see Regina mourn a little? — Trish

For sure. In fact, Lana Parrilla tells me that even though we’ll see Regina having a bit of a “one track mind” when it comes to revenge, “you’re definitely going to see [her pain.] There’s a moment of grieving and mourning her mother’s passing,” she says.

Sandra, I’m SO excited about “Lacey,” I can’t even tell you. Anything more you can report about Rumbelle in this episode? — Kelly

I’m tapped out on “Lacey” scoop — other than the fact that Emile de Ravin promised that the gold dress does appear. But how about this bit from Robert Carlyle on the pair’s next meeting after THAT phone call: “Something that does come out of that is that the phone call he makes to her when he’s dying; she thinks there must be something true there. He actually visits her in hospital and says, ‘Look, I know you don’t have any memory of me, but my feelings for you are true.’ And she says [that she] could tell.’ So we start to go on that journey.” Can’t. Wait.

Any chance we’re going to see more Stefan and Rebekah? I loved those two! — Silvia

I’ll let boss Julie Plec take this one directly: “Well, as much as I know people love Stefan and Rebekah — and by all means so do we — her [recent] actions put a little bit of a hold on any future romantic dalliances between them.” Personally, a bit of a hold is better than an indefinite end. So consider me on pins and needles because I dug this heat-fueled hook-up, too, Silvia! (Mainly because you’ll never see me arguing with any Salvatore clothing removal.)

(Lindsey Bahr contributed to this column.)

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