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Just can’t get enough of the Barry Gibb Talk Show? You’re in luck — all this week, the man behind Robin Gibb will be appearing with his “brother” Barry on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Though Fallon and Justin Timberlake haven’t officially broken out their Bee Gees impressions yet — and might not break them out at all, given Robin Gibb’s untimely death — the pair’s goofy impersonations of everyone from Adele to each other should be more than enough to keep you amused through Friday.

Take, for example, this first clip, in which Fallon and Timberlake trade a few off-color jokes about how they’re both sick — “We shouldn’t have made out,” Fallon says gravely — before discussing the singer’s recent return to SNL. Lessons learned: The “D–k in a Box” singing duo is actually called 2:30 a.m., Timberlake’s character in those sketches is named Raif, and nothing amuses these guys more than making weird guitar riff noises at each other.

The impressions flew thick and fast later in the interview: Fallon did Adele, Timberlake did Fallon — not quite as sharp as his Bon Iver impression — and then both guys pretended to be Milli Vanilli, for some reason. The execution’s better than my explanation, so just watch:

Also worth noting: Timberlake addressed his subtle SNL diss at Kanye West by asking everybody to “keep calm” and saying, “for the record,” that he “absolutely love[s]” Kanye. (In case you missed it: The singer changed a lyric of “Suit & Tie” while performing it Saturday, inserting a reference to “rappers acting dramatic;” he was alluding to West’s own diss of “Suit & Tie” from a few weeks ago.) Probably not as much as he likes making Jimmy Fallon giggle, though.

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