By Hillary Busis
Updated March 12, 2013 at 02:35 PM EDT

Between the constant backstabbing, betrayal, and ever-shifting alliances, Westeros really is a lot like a big, medieval high school. So it was only a matter of time before somebody decided to give Game of Thrones the Carrie Diaries treatment. (Minus the ’80s, plus some really awful excellent wigs.)

In the first episode of the new web series School of Thrones, new girl Dani Targaryen gets a Mean Girls-style introduction to the cliques of Westeros Valley High School. The Starks are cooler-than-thou hipsters in thick-framed glasses; the Lannisters are wannabe rappers, for some reason; the Baratheons are dumb jocks, except for nerdy outcast Stannis; the Greyjoys are all members of the swim team.

It’s a pretty clever re-purposing of George R. R. Martin’s characters, complete with a truly excellent credit sequence that apes HBO’s 3-D map with a set of drawings on notebook paper — and fans of The Lizzie Bennett Diaries will be pleased to see Mary Kate Wiles, a.k.a. Lydia, starring here as Sansa Stark.

Check out the first episode, “Prom Night Is Coming,” below; along with EW’s Thrones countdown, it just might tide you over before GoT returns March 31.

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