Ken Marino, Rob Huebel, and the rest of the Burning Love crew were at SXSW this week for a screening and to take questions about their success on Yahoo! (despite Huebel calling their users “stupid”) and their transition to “real” TV with E! recently picking up the show.

What was only meant to be a one-off — Marino says his wife wrote it as just a short piece “that we were going to try to get on Funny Or Die” — has turned into a successful parody show, both on and now off the web. But lampooning a reality show like The Bachelor can have its pitfalls. Sometimes viewers can’t tell if the show is a joke or not. Among the viewer comments the cast talk about below: “It honestly seems a little scripted to me, but hey, aren’t most reality shows?”

What’s Trending‘s Shira Lazar sat down with the Burning Love cast in Austin on Sunday. Check out their conversation below.

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