By Kyle Anderson
Updated March 11, 2013 at 03:11 PM EDT
Butch Dill/Getty Images

Justin Bieber should probably get back to the friendly confines of Los Angeles (or maybe Toronto) as soon as possible, as his spin through Europe has been full of speed bumps.

In his latest stumble, Bieber had to cancel the second of two shows in Portugal that was supposed to happen on Tuesday, March 12. The reason given? “Unforeseen circumstances.” (Tonight’s show will still go on as scheduled.) Since the announcement was made by the promoter, it’s safe to assume the show will not be happening due to low ticket sales or some sort of staging or logistical issue, rather than any sort of personal issue.

Of course, Bieber has been no stranger to personal issues as of late. He endured the worst birthday ever after a club in London denied the entry of buddy Jaden Smith, then made an audience wait over an hour past his set time. Then, he had to go to the hospital a few days later after collapsing on stage. He was declared in good health — which he proved when he got in the face of a photographer who got in his way while he was trying to climb into a van.

Hopefully for Justin, it’s just a rocky start, as his European tour will keep him on the continent through April 26.