Google Shoe

Would you wear shoes that think you’re boring?

During this weekend’s Interactive Festival at South By Southwest, Google staged a demonstration of its new “talking shoe,” a pair of customized Adidas high-tops fitted with a movement data translator. The prototype contains a conical speaker and a small computer that contains 250 pre-recorded phrases — from words of encouragement (“Call 911 because you’re on fire”), to trash talk (“If standing still was a sport, you’d be world champion”) — sends messages to the wearer in response to his or her level of activity.

The concept footwear is part of the company’s Art, Copy & Code project, which has been described as “a series of experiments combining creative pros, ad agencies and brands to see how branded advertising might also become useful tools for consumers.”

But don’t head to your local Foot Locker just yet…

A Google rep told reporters the company has no plans to market the smart shoes, insisting they are just an experiment to see how technology can interact with the human body.

Watch the demo in the video below.

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