The Client List
Credit: Michael Desmond/Lifetime

Middle C

You probably don’t remember, but New York was covered in snow the last time I put together the PopWatch Planner. (Sorry, y’all.) To the rest of the country: enjoy what I assume is wonderfully warm weather.

If you still need a little heat, just watch Jennifer Love Hewitt in the season premiere of The Client List. That, and other suggestions, after the jump.


The Client List, 10 p.m., Lifetime

The Client List is about a prostitute played by Jennifer Love Hewitt. It airs on Lifetime. But that strengthens the show’s sudsy power instead of weakening it, at least according to one anonymous EW staffer who promised to speed through the rest of season one to prep for tonight’s premiere.


David Bowie’s The Next Day hits stores

The Flaming Lips once asked, “Is David Bowie Dying?” With his 26th album — which EW music writer Kyle Anderson said “takes the idea of revisiting past experiments and exposes them to gamma radiation” — David Bowie answers, “No.”


William’s Gass’ Middle C hits stores

William Gass won an American Book Award for his 1995 novel The Tunnel and advance word on his latest, Middle C, has it pegged as a similar achievement. Or as the inside flap describes it, “In a series of variations, Gass gives us a mosaic of a life — futile, comic, anarchic — arranged in an array of vocabularies, altered rhythms, forms and tones, and broken pieces.”


American Idol, 8 p.m., Fox

Idol may be facing a downswing in the ratings, but its judges panel hasn’t been this good in seasons, which should mean amazing things as the Top 10 head before the viewing public.


The Vampire Diaries, 8 p.m., The CW

If you’re behind on TVD, we won’t spoil why you should hurry and catch up before this week’s episode — we’ll just say that you should, because tonight’s “Bring It On” sees Elena ready to do absolutely anything in the wake of one of the series’ most tragic twists to date.


Spring Breakers and The Call open in theaters

This week gives moviegoers two choices in the overlooked category of Cheesy Theater Thrill: Will you see James Franco and a quartet of starlets in Spring Breakers, or Halle Barry and Abigail Breslin fight back against a serial killer using the power of 911 in The Call?


Young Justice, 10:30 a.m., Cartoon Network

True story: you probably haven’t been watching Young Justice, Cartoon Networks’ spin on DC’s universe of young superheroes. But it’s good. (It won an Emmy!) The bad news is tonight’s episode, “Endgame,” is the series finale. The good news is you have no excuse now not to watch it.


The Good Wife, 10 p.m., CBS

The Good Wife’s fourth season has been a rollercoaster — bankruptcy, evil husbands, and a frowning Maura Tierney — and its best moments have balanced the storylines with a morally hazy zeal. So you’ll understand if we’re excited by the prospect of tonight’s “Invitation to an Inquest,” which will see the return of Cary’s father while Eli begins to strike back against Jordan, his former lieutenant.