By Emily Rome
March 09, 2013 at 03:55 PM EST
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Don Jon’s Addiction, Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s directorial debut that premiered earlier this year at Sundance, is no more. Or at least the title is no more.

The actor took to his Facebook page Friday to announce that he is shortening the title to Don Jon.

Gordon-Levitt wrote that he’s changing the title firstly because Don Jon is “just so short and simple” and secondly because he felt the former title was creating unwanted misconceptions about the film. Read more of what he told his Facebook fans below:

It felt to me like the old title, Don Jon’s Addiction, was throwing some people off a bit from the point of the movie. People were assuming it was a film about porn addiction and sex addiction, which really isn’t true. That’d be sort of like saying The Maltese Falcon is a movie about a statue of a falcon. Don Jon is a comedy about how men and women treat each other, and how the media we consume can create unrealistic expectations that we put on one another. That’s why the story centers around a relationship between a young man (played by me) who watches too much pornography and a young woman (played by Scarlett [Johansson]) who watches too many romantic Hollywood movies. It’s a topic I personally find fascinating and hilarious.

The Inception star also had to make some adjustments to the film in preparation for its transition from festival screenings to wide release: Last month he told reporters that he would cut down some of the film’s most graphic sex scenes to secure an R rating.

Along with the announcement of the title change, Gordon-Levitt posted a new photo from the film (above), a still that features Tony Danza, who plays Don Jon’s father.

Don Jon‘s title change comes just days before it screens at South By Southwest on Monday. A date for wide release has not yet been set.

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