Until last night, any betting fashionista would have put her money on the theory that Katniss Everdeen’s wedding dress — as seen in the Victory Tour portrait released earlier this week — was the work of Alexander McQueen creative director Sarah Burton.

But Catching Fire costume designer Trish Summerville has set the record straight, revealing that the maker of the gown is a lesser-known fashion designer who has dressed real-life celebrities like Lady Gaga and Kim Kardashian.

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“Katniss’ white gown is by a designer named Tex Saverio in Jakarta. He is amazing! I found his designs quite some time ago and saved his information for a perfectly fitting project, then came Catching Fire — perfect!” Summerville told The Hollywood Reporter yesterday. “We did several Skype calls with sketches to work together in designing the wedding dress. I had seen a dress he designed with a similar metal bodice, and I wanted to incorporate it into our wedding-dress design.”

Summerville describes the gown — which appears to be a customized version of this dress from Saverio’s 2012 bridal collection — as a Swarovski-crystal-covered “organza corset under a metal cage” with a voluminous organza and chiffon skirt. The metal pieces rising up from the bodice are meant to signify fire and flames, while laser-cut feathers at the waist and shoulder hint at Katniss eventual transition into a Mockingjay.

Does Katniss’ wedding dress look like what you imagined when you read the description of it in Catching Fire?

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