By Hillary Busis
Updated March 08, 2013 at 02:58 PM EST
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You just know that there was something dangerous lurking beneath Hermione Granger’s tightly-wound exterior — and in Sofia Coppola’s The Bling Ring, Emma Watson gets a chance to let her thief flag fly.

Watson plays a member of the titular group, a fame-obsessed gang that gets its jollies by going “shopping” in the homes of celebrities like Paris Hilton, Orlando Bloom, and Lindsay Lohan. (And yes, those names count as “celebrities” because the story takes place in 2008 and 2009.) The film is based on a series of actual crimes that resulted in the theft of about $3 million in apparel, art, jewelry, electronics, and cold hard cash. Though the teaser is short, it does give a few glimpses at those shopping sprees, as well as the Bling Ring heading to court — and Watson dancing seductively at a club. Watch below, and you’ll instantly feel swaggier:

The Bling Ring is out in limited release June 14.

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The Bling Ring

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