EW recommends songs from bands at the Austin music fest (March 12--17) similar to ones you already love

By EW Staff
Updated March 08, 2013 at 05:00 AM EST

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The Stooges
”Search and Destroy”
Iggy & Co. rep for streetwalking cheetahs, napalm hearts, OG punk awesomeness.
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Palma Violets
”Best of Friends”
Feverishly hyped London foursome pledge BFF promises, make sweet garage racket.

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The Weeknd
”What You Need”
Avant-R&B phenom lets a lady know he’ll bring the special sauce her man can’t.
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Autre Ne Veut
Brooklyn’s Arthur Ashin supplies equally sexy desperation, plus swooning falsetto.

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Everything But the Girl
”Before Today”
Dreamy ’90s duo who made longing an art form do their bedroom-y best.
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”The Fall”
Mysterious pair have everything but the girl — literally; the lovely vocals are (surprise!) male.

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”Street Dreams”
Supreme rap storyteller spins vivid tales of urban ambition circa It Was Written.
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Joey Bada$$
”World Domination”
Brooklyn teen brings precocious swagger and flow, with sunnier rubber-band beats.

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St. Vincent
Shape-shifting Texas-bred songstress tweaks pretty melodies with oddball tempos.
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Brooke Waggoner
Houston-born pianist takes break from Jack White’s band to make her own cool noise.