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March 08, 2013 at 05:36 PM EST

Rachel Maddow, author and queen of MSNBC punditry, took to Reddit to do an AMA (“ask me anything”), joining Aziz Ansari and President Obama in the ranks of people who’ve jumped into the giant, crazy pool of Reddit in order to talk to Us, the American People about Congress, war, and the best rye whiskeys on the market.

Here’s what we learned:

She likes exclamation marks! Sometimes ironically! Maddow used the exclamatory clause no less than a dozen times in her answers — sometimes to, y’know, exclaim; sometimes to rejoin. For example: “And! But! And/But!”

She likes fancy brown liquors and those punk bands your parents think you listen to when you’re angry: “I love most rye, but if I had to pick a desert-island one, I would probably pick Michter’s” — plus Pikesville, Sazerac 6, and Rittenhouse. Also: She was obsessive about Husker Du, Meat Puppets, and Black Flag, “but really I would have done anything for Bob Mould.” And she was grounded when her mom found an SST records sampler with “porny cover art” in her room. “As a teenager, I thought at the time that it was probably the apex of my coolness. As an adult, looking back, I realize that is true.”

She still wants to be interview-friends with the Pauls, Rand and Ron: “I really wish either of the Pauls would still talk with me the way they used to. I am not a Paulite myself, but I have both respect for and interest in the way they each approach aspects of Republican politics. They both gave up on me after my difficult interview with Paul-the-younger on the issue of the Civil Rights Act. But I hope they’ll reconsider someday.” (She also doesn’t regret spotlighting Rand Paul’s Hitler quoting.)

She may want to be actual friends-friends with Fox New’s Shep Smith: “I really like the way [he] balances anchorman gravitas… with a willingness to put the artifice aside and acknowledge what it really going on.” Plus, ”I’ve met him and he’s a nice person!”

She’s really happy everyone read, and liked, Drift, her chatty treatise on the double-mirrored conversation surrounding national security: “That was the first pleasant surprise. The second surprise was about partisanship and stereotyping. I was prepared for people to dismiss the argument … on the basis of the fact that i’m a commie pinko liberal insert-misspelled-allcaps-stereotype-here. There was a little of that, but really not much.”

Her favorite smell: “Clean river, spring day.”

Her first act of political activism: “Putting up flyers all over my town to annoy racist skinheads — that was wicked fun.”

Will she run for public office? Nope! Not ever.

Is she biased? “Not more than the average bear.”

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