Learn more about Syfy's ''Defiance''

By Lynette Rice
March 08, 2013 at 05:00 AM EST

While Revolution enjoys success on NBC, the Peacock’s sister cable network Syfy is planning a revolution of its own for April. A five-year effort to marry a live-action sci-fi series with a companion videogame will finally come to fruition this spring with Defiance, a futuristic action drama that stars Grant Bowler (GCB), Julie Benz (Dexter), and Graham Greene (Dances With Wolves). The 12-episode drama debuts on April 15 and follows a military-style encampment in St. Louis after a prolonged war with an alien race called Votans. The interactive stand-alone game — a risky effort from new developer Trion Worlds that will be available via PlayStation, Xbox, and PC — launches April 2, and will center on a similar postapocalyptic conclave in San Francisco. (The California locale was picked by design so players won’t think they can affect the show.) The goal is to drive players to the TV series — and vice versa. ”We didn’t realize how intricate the process was going to be,” admits Syfy president of original content Mark Stern about the long lead time. ”It’s the most ambitious project we have ever done. The opportunity is huge. We hope there’s enough spectacle and emotion to pull in everybody.”