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March 08, 2013 at 05:00 AM EST

Folk Explosion

As a 17-year-old caught between a new era of electronic music and a folk-rock revival brought about by bands like Mumford & Sons, I appreciated that you gave some well-deserved attention to rising indie artists such as the Head and the Heart in ”The Great Folk-Rock Revival.” I recently attended a Mumford concert, and it was a transcendent experience. I’ve been obsessed with the band ever since, so you can imagine my delight when I saw their name on the cover! —Rowan Wu, Belmont, Mass.

I enjoyed your article, but was disappointed that there was no mention of Glen Hansard or the Swell Season. The spiritual undertones, soul-filled lyrics, and no-frills intimacy of their live shows make Hansard and the band of brothers and sisters he works with unmissable.—Pattie Jones, Nashville

Screen Savior

I couldn’t agree with the center of The Bullseye more! I’d love to say that if Daryl goes down on The Walking Dead I’m never watching the show again, but I’m not sure I’m that strong! He’s the leader every survivor of a zombie-infested postapocalypse needs, and there’s no way anyone is getting out alive without him on their side. Here’s hoping we all get our happy ending! — Tim Fitzpatrick, Waterville, Maine

Replaceable You

When asked about recasting Matthew on Downton Abbey (News and Notes), co-creator and exec producer Gareth Neame replied, ”…nothing could be more artificial than suddenly a different actor pops up.” But soap operas have been doing it for years. As a huge fan of Matthew and his very central story line, I would much rather lose the actor than the character. —Sharon Houle, Waterville Maine

Sheldon’s Sex Ed

Your Sound Bites section is always funny. But my favorite this week was not the line Sheldon said on The Big Bang Theory but the picture you used of him holding the Illustrated Book of Sexually Transmitted Diseases! Classic.— Kimberly Sieckman, Cincinnati

Bent Out of Shape

”Reassessing Radiohead” without a single reference to The Bends, many times tipped as one of the greatest pop-rock albums of the 1990s (Music)? You left me ”High and Dry.” — Karl Miller, Phoenixville, Pa.

Movie-Star Makeovers

Prompted by Owen Gleiberman’s essay on image rehab, readers ID’d two more actors who changed it up.

Throughout his career, Robin Williams has tried to negotiate the comic and the serious in his persona. I’ve always found the tension between his two sides interesting. — Rocco Versaci, Vista, Calif.

One more for the file: Dakota Fanning in The Runaways. After the shock wore off, her skill made me forget she was Dakota Fanning and believe she was Cherie Currie. — Shawnlei Breeding, Winter Park, Fla.

Little Liars, Big Buzz

Fittingly, our cover story on Pretty Little Liars‘ social-media savvy caused a commotion online. PLL cast members and viewers alike tweeted their reactions.

The Stars
So this is cool. The girls and I got to cover Entertainment Weekly @EW for this week. — @lucyhale
Sooo excited for us gals to be on the cover of this [week’s] EW magazine!!! Check it out!— @shaymitch

The Fans

Enjoying the information & beautiful photos of the liArs! #PLL @shaymitch @imarlene king — @femviking1
Yes, I got the last one at the bookstore today! I’m kinda excited about this. #EW lovesPLL abcfpll — @haleighjae

Four little liars and a being named “A” (who may or may not be the fifth little liar) try to live their lives in Rosewood. It’s complicated.
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