Her last name says it all: The 63-year-old actress -- star of Broadway's ''Dreamgirls,'' TV's ''Grey's Anatomy,'' and so much more -- is simply divine. Before returning to her massage-parlor perch as proprietor Georgia Cummings on Lifetime's sudsy ''The Client List'' (season 2 premieres March 10 at 10 p.m.), Devine took a few minutes to answer some probing questions for EW's Personality Quiz.

By Tanner Stransky
Updated March 08, 2013 at 05:00 AM EST

1. You’re stranded on a deserted island with your Client List costars and must resort to cannibalism. Who do you eat first?
A. Cybill Shepherd
B. Jennifer Love Hewitt
C. Colin Egglesfield
D. Rebecca Field
I just love her so, I would eat her first! I wouldn’t want her on that island suffering.

2. Who was your first famous friend?
Sidney Poitier was very nice to me when I did my first movie, Little Nikita, with him [in 1988]. But when I called him, he’d changed his phone number.

3. What movie do you have to stop and watch when it’s on cable?
Waiting to Exhale, because it was the beginning of the transformation of my movie career. I got a chance to do so many things after that. And I get to see Whitney [Houston] and my girlfriend Lela [Rochon], and Gregory [Hines], who’s gone. It’s hard for me to turn that off. I always love to see that.

4. Who’s your favorite Golden Girl?
A. Bea Arthur
B. Rue McClanahan
C. Betty White
D. Estelle Getty
Before Broadway’s Dreamgirls was Dreamgirls, it was [a workshop], and Estelle was in it, and nobody knows that. She came through and played a nurse, but they cut that out before it got to Broadway. It was great to get to know her a little bit.
5. Your Grey’s Anatomy character, Adele Webber, died in January. Which of the show’s characters is she hanging out with up in heaven?
A. Lexie Grey
B. George O’Malley
C. Ellis Grey
D. Denny Duquette
Denny! I love Jeffrey Dean Morgan. On a personal level, I got to spend a weekend with him when we were working on Supernatural together, and I love him. We had so much fun on set. I’d want to hang out with someone I know.

6. The person I’m mistaken for most often:
When she used to be bigger, it used to be Star Jones. Now that she’s thin, I don’t get that anymore! Any full-figured woman, though: The Help‘s Octavia Spencer, Community‘s Yvette Nicole Brown. They all think we’re the same person.

7. What is your favorite voice-over experience?
A. Doc McStuffins
B. The PJs
C. The Cleveland Show
D. Beverly Hills Chihuahua
It was so different than anything that I’d done at the time — being Eddie Murphy’s wife on The PJs. We would hoot every week when we did it. We would laugh so hard!

8. The most surprising song on my iPod:
Ludacris’ ”Sex Room.” It’s just a really hot song! If I’m feeling a little depressed, I can play that and start laughing.