The continuing saga of ''Up All Night''

March 08, 2013 at 05:00 AM EST

NBC has yet to announce the fate of its low-rated sophomore comedy Up All Night (season 2 was averaging a 1.7 rating in 18–49, down a staggering 29 percent from its debut season), but all signs point to a spectacular flameout. After the Peacock announced in October that it would turn the single-camera comedy about new parents into a traditional multicamera workplace sitcom for a spring relaunch, star Christina Applegate, who played mom Reagan, decided to bolt, as did creator Emily Spivey. (Originals of Up All Night haven’t aired since Dec. 13.) ”The show has taken a different creative direction, and I decided it was best for me to move on to other endeavors,” said Applegate in a statement. Though rumors briefly swirled about a possible replacement (Lisa Kudrow, anyone?), a source says the rest of the cast received the blessing of executive producer Lorne Michaels to not-so-quietly secure plan Bs: Will Arnett, who plays Applegate’s husband, Chris, has joined a still-untitled multicamera comedy pilot for CBS’ fall lineup that has him playing a recent divorcé whose parents are experiencing marital problems. And Maya Rudolph, who portrays Applegate’s best friend, Ava, has reportedly nixed pilot offers because she’s thinking about launching a variety show. Anything the actors book will be in ”second position” — meaning they’re still under contract with NBC — since the network hasn’t officially canceled Up All Night, but no one expects to see it back on the air. NBC declined to comment, but perhaps execs should think back to the last sitcom they tried to reboot — Watching Ellie, the Julia Louis-Dreyfus vehicle from 2002 that died a quick death after transforming from a real-time single-cam series to a spiritless multicamera comedy — and just put Up All Night to sleep.

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