Rapper Riff Raff has a bedazzled bone to pick with the actor, who denies Riff influenced his character.

James Franco’s drawling, bejeweled-teeth turn as Southern hustler Alien has all kinds of people buzzing — including Riff Raff, the L.A.-based rapper who bears such a striking resemblance to Alien, he’s convinced the character is based on him. ”[Alien’s] image can only be pointed back to one person — me,” Riff, 26, tells EW. ”No gangster would dress like that. I’m the only person who would do that.”

Or is he? Franco has admitted to watching Riff’s videos for inspiration, but says his real muse was another white rapper, Florida’s Dangeruss (who did not respond to EW’s requests for comment).

This has Riff, who also claims he was offered a role in the film, irked. ”Franco must be confused,” he says. ”He must not know that me and Harmony Korine are friends.” While the two do know each other, Korine insists Alien is actually a composite of ”a classic, almost archetypal American character: Southern white gangsters, black mannerisms.”

Still, Riff isn’t too concerned about the snub: ”I’m more famous than James Franco anyway.”

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