Cold Water


Vincent Grashaw made a gasoline-scented splash by both producing and appearing in 2011’s indie drama Bellflower, a twisted tale of Mad Max fandom and curdled love. Now Grashaw is making his directorial debut with the SXSW-screening Coldwater, which details a teenage boy’s struggle for survival at a juvenile reform facility in the wilderness.

“I played on a tournament hockey team growing up,” Grashaw told EW last year. “I remember one day our goalie wasn’t at practice and we all wondered what had happened. Turned out his parents sent him to a private juvenile program in the middle of nowhere. He never played with us again and he came back a lot worse than when he went in. I look at Coldwater as a unique opportunity to give those who unnecessarily lost their lives a voice and be an advocate for awareness and change on privatized juvenile rehabilitation programs in this country.”

You can check out the film’s exclusive poster below.

Cold Water

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