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Updated March 07, 2013 at 03:20 PM EST
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A Resurrection

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The days of infinity pools, the Harbor School, and witty banter in the Cohen’s kitchen are long gone, but that doesn’t stop us from following the careers of those who created some of our favorite dramatic moments (accompanied by Imogen Heap songs) on The OC. And if we’re already being nostalgic, we might as well take things all the way back to season 1. You know, when Ryan Atwood still wore a wrist cuff, and Luke was the bad guy who won our hearts. Speaking of the blonde love triangle, we’ve got an update on what Luke, Ryan, and even Marissa (she’s back from the dead!) are up to now.

Ryan, played by Ben McKenzie, has spent the last five years learning how to be a good cop in Los Angeles on TNT’s Southland. But even if Southland isn’t picked up for a sixth season, it looks like Ryan is going back to his tough-guy ways (which never really existed). McKenzie has been cast as an ex-con in CBS’ legal drama The Advocates, in which he will team up with a lawyer to defend those who need help. We always knew Ryan had a soft side… and a hard right hook.

Luke, on the other hand, is taking his guitar — which he played a total of two times on the show — and heading to ABC’s Nashville as a country singer and guitar player. Chris Carmack is scheduled to appear on six episodes this season and will then have the option to become a regular in season 2. So long as a new guy doesn’t come into town and try to steal his girl, we think he’ll be alright.

And let’s not forget about the girl those two fought over. It looks like Marissa Cooper is back in the land of the living in her new movie about, well, resurrection. Mischa Barton stars as a high-school psychiatrist (ha!) in A Resurrection alongside Devon Sawa and the late Michael Clarke Duncan.

Finally, we have to talk about the feisty blonde who swooped in from Pittsburgh, taught Seth Cohen confidence, and then got away from the plastic world of Orange County. Apparently, Anna has graduated from Brown and is now living in Arcadia, where deceased loved ones are somehow able to return. At least that’s the plot for Samaire Armstrong’s new show, The Returned.

As for the rest of the guys, Summer ended up being a doctor on Hart of Dixie, Julie is scarier than ever on Nikita, Kirsten is a figment of Eric McCormack’s imagination on Perception, Jimmy is still lying to people on Deception, Seth is making his way back to the big screen with Welcome to the Jungle, and if Sandy isn’t on Whitney, we’re pretty sure he’s out there saving the world somewhere.

We could keep going, but we really have to get back to re-watching season one of The OC. California, here we come.

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A Resurrection

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