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The last decade saw two separate attempts to transform the Hulk into a big-screen movie star. First came Ang Lee's splitscreeny Hulk; then came Louis Leterrier's Norton-y The Incredible Hulk. Neither film really connected with moviegoers. But Mark Ruffalo put a distinctive spin on the character in last year's Avengers, giving troubled scientist Bruce Banner a wry sense of humor. (He also got the best line in the movie.) It seemed like an easy bet that Marvel would spin-off the Ruffalized Hulk into his own solo movie. But the big green rage monster has so far been absent from Marvel's Phase Two movie series. Yesterday, Ruffalo himself took to Twitter to speak about the status of a Hulk-centric movie:

A representative for Marvel did not immediately respond to EW's request for comment. It's plausible that Marvel could be building towards a Hulk movie in the post-Avengers 2 Phase Three. It would be a long time away — Edgar Wright's Ant-Man is tentatively set for late-2015, and presumably there are more Thors and Captain Americas and Iron-Men to fit in somewhere. (Plus maybe Warlock, please please please? Come on, who doesn't like Christ allegories that morph into psychedelic existential time-travel vampire space epics?) At one point, there were vague plans for an ABC Hulk TV series, but that appears to have been backburnered in the wake of Joss Whedon's upcoming S.H.I.E.L.D. show.

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