The Hangover Part III finally has a trailer. Judging from the footage, it's about three friends — one handsome (Bradley Cooper), one short (Ed Helms), and one fat (Zach Galifianakis) — who all go to a funeral and then to Las Vegas, where they walk through a dark hallway before watching John Goodman shoot someone. Later, a giraffe gets decapitated. Before that, Galifianakis appears to make Melissa McCarthy cry with a lollipop.

What is The Hangover Part III really about? Plot details have been sealed tight, but we do know that the three amigos gather around Galifianakis' Alan after the death of his father. Plus one of them will probably touch a penis.

Two questions: Where is terminal fourth wheel Justin Bartha? And also, which trilogy-ender will writer-director Todd Phillips give his characters? Will the wolfpack happily retire to the Shire/Caesar's Palace? Or maybe Phillips will go full Return of the Jedi and that funeral we saw is actually at the end of the movie and Jeffrey Tambor is secretly Darth Vader.

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