By Sarah Caldwell
Updated March 06, 2013 at 03:49 PM EST

“I was told that you died like 10 years ago and that you’re totally animatronic,” Sarah Silverman joked on the debut of Joan Rivers’ new web series In Bed With Joan. “I don’t know who’s working this but it’s amazing! I’m right up close and it looks real.”

Silverman instantly got comfortable for the interview, snuggling under the covers. “I want the full mommy experience,” she confessed.

Expect some great talk about writing jokes, but Silverman isn’t quite sure Rivers’ show is going to work out. When Rivers asked Silverman if she was depressed, she responded, without missing a beat, “I’m depressed seeing this set. I’m depressed seeing where my hero is at. That’s depressing. I’m no longer like really dreaming about a future.”

Watch the full 25-minute webisode below:

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