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Including tonight’s new installment of Pretty Little Liars, just three episodes of ABC Family’s mystery series remain before it signs off with March 19’s season finale, “A dAngerous gAme.” With our recent EW cover story “The Surprising Power of Pretty Little Liars,” the show’s stars and producers offered up some hints about the five most important revelations happening in Rosewood over the next three weeks.

1. Emily (Shay Mitchell) becomes more and more like a detective. She sets out to discover the truth about Toby (Keegan Allen) and his involvement with the “A” team. “Emily wants to give him the benefit of the doubt and say, ‘Then he must be doing it for a good reason because I don’t believe it,'” explains Mitchell. “Emily is like, ‘There has to be something bigger.'” And yes, Emily will find out something. “Is Toby good or bad?” asks exec producer I. Marlene King. “By the end of the season, viewers will know the answer to that question.”

2. Spencer (Troian Bellisario) goes crazier. As we saw last week, she’s been institutionalized at Radley. Says Bellisario, “I’ve been waiting for Spencer to react this way since ‘A’ started.” Teases King: “As tortured as she’s been in the first half of this cycle, she’s even more tortured in the last half.” All that torture leads to some epic moments on Bellisario’s part, says exec producer Oliver Goldstick: “Give Troian her Emmy is all I’m saying.”

3. “Red Coat” will be revealed. The elusive blonde in the crimson coat has been skulking around this season, and it’s time to learn her identity. (In fact, Spencer meets her face-to-face.) Is she the “A” team captain? Is she CeCe (Vanessa Ray)? She’s “who you think it might be, yes,” Goldstick says, but “it’s not definitive. The finale is a shocker.” Bellisario hints that “Red Coat” is familiar: “There’s something about ‘Red Coat’ that they all recognize as part of their past.” And Lucy Hale (Aria) says the hooded villain “could be the keeper of a lot of answers and a lot of things that they’ve been searching for.”

4. Hanna (Ashley Benson) and her mom, Ashley (Laura Leighton), get intofurther trouble. That’d be because Ashley hit the ever-creepy Detective Wilden (Bryce Johnson) with her car and ran off in the Feb. 12 episode—and now he’s missing. “Is Wilden dead? Is he alive?” asks Goldstick. “The accident has huge ramifications. The ripple effect is huge.” As in, “Hanna’s mom could go to jail forever,” says Benson.

5. The March 19 season finale is explosive…and possibly deadly. A fire? Yes. A dead body? Maybe. “That’s going to be a question we leave the fans with,” King says. “There’s a moment where people will believe there’s a dead body, and there may be one.” Bellisario explains that the hour “lays in this piece of the puzzle that is going to make the rest of the ride totally unexpected.” Adds King: “This cliff-hanger changes the landscape of the ‘A’ game. They didn’t know as much as they thought they knew—or that there’s a lot more to the story.”

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