Why did Chris O’Donnell take the NCIS: LA cast and crew to a Russian bathhouse?

For starters, it was for work — not leisure. And in fact, the trip to the bathhouse was part of some of the hardest days O’Donnell has ever put in during his time at NCIS: LA.

Tonight’s episode, titled “Wanted,” marks O’Donnell’s directorial debut, and the episode took the actor/director and the show’s hardworking crew to a number of “fun” locations — Russian bathhouse included. “It was fun to have some input on the locations and where we shot,” O’Donnell tells EW. “We scouted several [bathhouses]; there some locations I just couldn’t put the crew through. There are some pretty shady bathhouses in Los Angeles.”

It all worked out in the end, though, and the result is an intense Sam-centric episode that revisits one of the season’s major arcs. O’Donnell expands in our on-camera interview, which you can watch below.

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