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On March 2, H&M celebrated the launch of its "Denim Days" campaign in style, inviting The Carrie Diaries star AnnaSophia Robb to host the event. The 19-year-old, a self-proclaimed fan of the store, was decked out entirely in clothing from the retailer, including a white tank, a gold sequin jacket, and, of course, a pair of jeans. "I love H&M," Robb told us. "I shop here with my girlfriends all the time."

While hundreds of guests lined up to customize their own denim (and take advantage of the 25 percent discount), EW spoke to Robb, who never turns down a chance to shop at the store, despite having access to all kinds of designer labels on the set of Sex and the City prequel. "I love that it's affordable, but also stylish," she said. "Girls want to look fashion-conscious, but at the same time they don't want to blow all the money they earn babysitting."

Playing the young Carrie Bradshaw has forced Robb to put more effort into her look. "It's fun getting dressed up a certain way, but it's also a lot of work," she said, admitting that she feels pressure to live up to the style icon. "I have to budget my time. Also, I'm from Colorado." Robb paused before adding, "Not that people from Colorado aren't stylish — they are very stylish! — but I like a good pair of sweats just as much as the next girl." Still, she appreciates "all the colors and the different patterns" in her TV alter ego's wardrobe. "Usually I'm pretty simple with that, but I love how [The Carrie Diaries costume designer] Eric [Daman] layers the costumes. I never thought I could accessorize as much as I do on the show."

The item she can't do without? "A robe. I wear a robe on set all the time. They have to fit around my costumes. It makes me look like I have a ginormous middle section," she laughed. With that in mind, she offered us her number one style tip. "Wear what you feel comfortable in because then you can be more confident when you're around people. It's more the confidence that you carry when wearing clothes than the clothes themselves."

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