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The most recent episode of The CW’s The Carrie Diaries had many special moments, not the least of which were Carrie Bradshaw’s first encounter with both Manolo Blahniks and a Cosmopolitan. There were also break-ups, shake-ups and a lot of sequins! EW talked to Diaries’ executive producer Amy B. Harris about all the very fashionable drama.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: So what will happen with Carrie and Interview? Her father forbade her from going to New York.

AMY B. HARRIS: Carrie is going to return to Manhattan and there’s going to be some surprising encounters that allow her to return to that universe. In Larissa, I think she has — I like to call her — the Id mother figure. So Larissa will play a big part of that.

The costumes were amazing in this episode. Carrie’s dress at Limelight was gorgeous.

I had been describing this season I think when I’m trying to encapsulate is that the pilot was sort of The Age of Innocence and we’re sort of watching our characters lose their innocence. And some of that is good like finding your fashion sense and going for gutsier outfits. That outfit for me was a really exciting one because I just felt like, “Oh there’s Carrie Bradshaw.”

And she got her first Manolo Blahniks. Were those real?

Those were real Manolos. They’re from this season actually. We talked a lot about whether or not to try and find a vintage one and we decided we wanted the most glass slipper version and when we saw those I was like, “Well it’s obviously those.” To this day, my dad still can’t pronounce Manolo Blahnik. I was like — that would be really funny to hear Carrie not be able to pronounce the shoe.

Donna anointed Walt as her boyfriend at the end of the episode. Are they going to actually pursue a relationship?

Donna is somebody unlike Maggie who is very confident in her self and what she wants. Donna and Walt are sort of a shockingly good match for each other but it’s gonna be in some surprising ways. But I really think it’s fun in these next couple of episodes for Donna in particular is we’re going to see another side of her.

Will Walt’s sexuality come back up?

Yeah that’s going to come back up very quickly. I think being with someone like Donna is going to force that issue faster than even he would have expected. I think from basically 9 to 13 is Walt’s journey.

Will he come out by the end of the season?

He’s going to be struggling to figure it out. Walt’s trying to learn how to be comfortable in his skin and I think there will be some surprising people there to help him as he’s struggling with that.

Maggie is heartbroken. Is she going to jump back into dating?

I think Maggie is going to lick her wounds and hide for a while. Katie [Findlay] had a really interesting theory on Maggie, which is she carries a lot of trays with a lot on it and talks like everything is fine and then everything drops. But she always picks those trays back up and puts everything back on and keeps moving. I think we’re in for more of that which is Maggie is going to make everything okay and slowly but surely she’s going to blow herself up again. To me, Maggie is the most tragic figure because she is very insecure and has very low self-esteem and looks to fill those black holes in all the wrong ways.

Are you building to a Mouse/Sebastian romance?

You know a lot of people have been asking that. I really love Mouse and Sebastian because out of anybody they’re the opposites of each other. I think Mouse is a really loyal friend so I don’t see that happening but talk to me in season 5.

We saw Tom dating on this episode. Are we gonna see him dating more?

Yes. We’re going to see Tom exploring. The women out there are very different than they used to be. He’s going to be exploring sort of with the help of Harlan…and some surprising help elsewhere.

You guys cast some actors from the original Sex and the City to appear on this show, like Nina Katz (Nadja Dajani)!

Yes! I love Nina Katz so much. Nadja Dajani is going to play a potential love interest for Tom. I love her as an actress. We talked about it like is it weird to have a sort of meta-experience of someone is in the future as someone else and somebody is in the past as somebody else? We have Noelle Beck who played Big’s ex-wife who now plays Sebastian’s mom. She was the best person for the part by far. Then, I thought well that’s fun: Carrie is attracted to men who have a certain type of woman in their lives who’s very important to them. Big had his ex-wife and Sebastian has his mom. I sorta feel like there’s some nice connections. Obviously Nina Katz was not somebody that Carrie was all that comfortable around and I think whoever Tom gets around with is going to be an issue for Carrie as well. It felt like we were doing some Meta stuff in a way that felt right.

Does Nadja do any nods to Nina? Like does she make any faces?

I did not make her do any faces. She did not eat pretzels at the end. She does have a weird quirk, I will give you that. It’s not a facial expression but it does have to do with her face.

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